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Prior to me outlining some of the major accomodations, I first wanted to give you a glossary of terms most used concerning amputation: AK- Above the Knee, BK- Below the Knee Bilateral- Both Legs, Feet, Arms or Hands, Congenital- Born without Limbs or Digets, Myoelectrics- Upper Extremity Prostheses powered electronically, Orthosis- A devise used to stabilize/support a body part, Prostheses- A devise used to replace a body part, Socket- The portion of the Prostheses that fits over the remaining limb or stump, Terminals- Hand hooks that are controlled by the wearer.

Do any online dating sites work

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The problem is that there are oftentimes so many profiles to sort through that the choices are overwhelming, which causes you to miss out on people who actually might be good matches.

Other dating services, such as e Harmony, propose that matching dating partners based on similarity will lead to better pairings.

But, going through so many online profiles may "overwhelm" daters.

The claim of online dating sites is that you’ll be able to find the love of your life, or at least improve your dating life by using their service.

Some sites like e Harmony claim to have proprietary matching software that will make the process more accurate.

They accomplish this (allegedly) by analyzing responses to a lengthy survey using a proprietary algorithm, or in less fancy terms, a formula they use make money (consider it the KFC secret recipe of matching partners).

In another Science of Relationships article, Paul Eastwick wrote a summary of a paper he co-authored, essentially showing that the algorithms used to match people don’t work the way that they are supposed to, and you are no better off relying on the matches made for you than if you were just meeting someone cold in the library or at a sporting event.