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Dreamweaver template not updating site

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PMM3 is designed to be fully compatible with Dreamweaver Templates.

The system will recognize that a template is being used and adjust accordingly.

Particularly the elements which are constant through a website such as links. You have built your site nicely with CSS and div tags and you are all ready to publish your 30 or so pages on to the web.

Once you do the step above, a dialog box shown below will prompt you. NOTES: Never check both Library Items and Templates.

Anyway, does anyone know if there is a way to make Dreamweaver recognise that a block of new files belong to the template , it doesn't seem to just work automatically Thanks Chris Manage Sites..., select your site, and click Edit.

IN Dreamweaver CS4 on the Local Info category, there is a Enable Cache checkbox, check it and click OK.

By Janine Warner If you’re not sure which Dreamweaver template was used to create a page, you can open the template while you have the page open, make changes to the template, and update all the pages created with it by following these steps: If you edit a template and have an open page that was created from that template, the changes are automatically applied to the open page but you need to save the page before closing it to save the changes.

You can also apply changes to all the pages created from a template by using the Update Pages option.

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If I create a new page from the template, that updates fine. TIA I've never used this sort of thing in Dw, but here are a few links that discuss the problem.

Can you explain a bit about what you mean by updating via Plesk?

You don't update a Dreamweaver template with plesk.

Dreamweaver Templates, Library Items and Server-Side Includes allow you to manage repeating sections of your web pages in a central file.

This section contains tutorials that will help you to deploy your Pop Menu Magic menu using any of those methods.