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In this author’s opinion, the new horns today are not up to snuff compared to older ones. They are far too often neglected or not even produced at all by newer companies.

Dynamics of internet dating

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Lawson Kira Leck: Dynamics of Internet Dating Social Science Computer Review, 2006/2 (nyári kiadás) A tanulmány az internetes társkeresés világát vizsgálja mélyinterjúk alkalmazásával.Témája felöleli a társkeresõk motivációit, az udvarlás stílusait, továbbá a bizalom és a csalás problémájának kezelését.A szerzõ ennek a problémakörnek a vizsgálatára készített felmérést közel azonos válaszadói csoportokhoz különbözõ módokon eljuttatott, de közel azonos kérdõívek alkalmazásával.A tanulmány a fiatalok egészséggel kapcsolatos viselkedésére vonatkozóan webes, illetve papíralapú kérdõívek útján nyert eredményeket hasonlítja össze a kitöltési arányok és az adattartalom alapján. Imre Hronszky Two Scholia on Innovation This paper is dealing, on the one hand, with basic characteristics of innovation, the nature of uncertainty determining innovation, special ways of learning leading to innovation, and the contraposition of basic assumptions of the neo-classical and evolutionist approaches, and, on the other hand, the management of break-through or radical innovation.

The authors employed in-depth interviews and participant observation with men and women who met online.(For a brief science review, see sidebar and figure 1.) The timepiece that allows dating is the “radioactive” decay of certain kinds of atoms from one form into another.Radioactive decay results from unstable combinations of protons and neutrons in the atom’s nucleus.Internet daters sought companionship, comfort after a life crisis, control over presentation of themselves and their environments, freedom from commitment and stereotypic roles, adventure, and romantic fantasy.The authors also studied the development of trust between daters, the risks they assume, and lying online.Last summer, a number of people forwarded me the Vanity Fair article about Tinder and the "Dating Apocalypse," a think piece loaded with dire predictions for the future of online dating culture.