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We're much more than a dating website: we're all about meaningful relationships.

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His jokes make you laugh and his boyish grin makes you melt. You try to play it cool when he has plans that don’t involve you and settle for him coming over at 3AM slightly inebriated (okay maybe a lot inebriated) for some good ol’ sloppy drunk sex. But, while it starts off fun, light and casual, soon you find yourself feeling anxious when he doesn’t respond to your texts right away.I have disabled rubber band effect on the body, but it is still active on inner divs, and that is fine.However, when the portion above the scrolled element is shown, the background is black, like in ...

However, I think these results would be less correlated to the stage of their relationships than with the type of men who get married.Recently I reread one of my favorite books about cross-sex communication, and despite the fact that it was written in the early 90s, I haven’t found anything that tops it.Even after four years of blogging about dating and relationships, I find John Gray’s enlightening.Unfortunately, once you become physically intimate, it becomes harder and harder to detach.Lynn Toler, the judge on the series “Divorce Court”, shares that in her eight years of watching where couples fail, is that they do not understand the chemical reactions that occur that can trick you into thinking you’ve found “the one”.I have designed a website whereby most of the content is embedded in an iframe under fixed icons on a webpage On mobile, i Phone i OS browsers, the foreground fixed icons stick on top of the interface ... I want to "glue" a line between them so that when I drag one object the line adjusts and stays stuck to the same relative point on the dragged object (... Here is what I have: I am using this Code Project contribution to attach a Rubber Band behavior to a List Box, so that I can drag-select using the mouse. I'm writing an MDI application with QGraphics View on each tab. But there are a number of problems, such as: a one-time allocation of objects. At least when you scroll over the edge on mac, you see the page moving down and leaving a plain color behind it.