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If I get on a waiting list, how long do I have to wait? You need to contact the PHA for an estimated wait time.Generally, waiting times can vary between several months and several years.If I wish to purchase my first home but need help meeting the monthly mortgage and other homeownership expenses, is there a program that will help me?

You can call your local Public Housing Agency (PHA). Yes, if your local PHA participates in the homeownership voucher program, and you meet income and other eligibility requirements. You have to apply for a housing choice voucher at the local PHA.Our company is switching software for our management systems. We will be training with coworkers from this other city who get to go home each night.We have two locations in our area, and the company is telling us that we are to close our offices and all of our staff are required to travel three hours away with two overnight stays to be trained on the new system. We do not work in an industry that typically requires business travel so none of us agreed to travel when we accepted our jobs.If there’s a reason that you truly can’t do that without significant hardship (for instance, if you were caring for a child with special medical needs), you could talk to your manager about it.But if it’s just that it’s a pain in the ass to go, there’s not really a fight to be fought here.Meeting these responsibilities may lead to the following types of benefits: Savvy employers will be planning ahead to make sure that their organizations are able to respond appropriately to changing demographics in the province and in the workplace.