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Our poll published last week found that half (53%) of never-married Americans would like to eventually tie the knot.
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Results show that users consider the platform useful and easy to use.However, we could also identify potential for improvement, particularly with regard to the communication tools provided by the platform.Thereby, they could choose between different modes of communication, i.e., chat, video, and audio call.They were asked to negotiate at least three mutual agreements by using the mutual agreement tool.Dr Hudson said problems stemming from gender imbalances could be developing in Germany, after women in Cologne were subjected to a series of sexual assaults on New Year's Eve."We don't know whether the attackers were migrants or not, there's conflicting reports, some say yes ...others say it's too soon to tell," she said."Nevertheless, from the reports that we have it does look like the overwhelmingly male nature of the migration wave, coupled with marginalisation among those migrants, may have been a contributing factor." Professor Hudson said it was staggering that European nations were so caught up in debating the impact of refugees' religion, but did not seem to consider maintaining a balanced gender ratio in the community."Speaking as an American who has studied global gender issues for a long, long time, all of us look to northern and north-western Europe as an example of cultures that have successfully pursued gender equality," she said."To now see folks like the Mayor of Cologne urging women to dress differently, to behave differently, that there may be certain 'no-go areas' for women, I think is tragic."It is utterly tragic, not just for these European countries, but for the rest of the world that has looked to these countries for so long in great admiration."Australia has agreed to resettle 12,000 people displaced by the conflict in Syria and Iraq.A second goal was to identify usability problems and to develop suggestions for improvement.

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