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The movie opens with Will Smith, in vintage Will Smith mode — brash, ageless, a superhero of confidence — giving a motivational speech to the New York advertising agency he owns and presides over, but then, moments later, the image of Smith literally melts three years ahead.Smith’s Howard, now haggard and morose, with thinning gray hair, has stopped talking to anyone.The closest he comes to a constructive activity is setting up intricate arrays of multi-colored dominoes in his office, which he then lets topple as if to demonstrate an existential law: Whatever you create is destined to come falling down.Howard, we learn, lost his six-year-old daughter to cancer, and the agony imprisons and consumes him daily. He writes letters — not to other human beings, but to the spirits of Death, Love, and Time. He’s a zombie, a man who has left life utterly behind.But the research found many Brits have no idea about key Viking facts, with one in five having no idea they originated from Scandinavia.And almost one in ten believe the Viking Age was around the 15th - 18th century - despite this being the era of rulers such as Henry VIII and Elizabeth I.That’s part of the miracle of “Manchester by the Sea.” It leads us through one man’s life of locked-in sorrow with a sculptured emotional elegance that is never false; at the same time, the cathartic honesty of its journey allows the audience to touch a nerve of desolation and still breathe free.

Scottish names such as 'Mc Ivor', 'Mac Aulay' and 'Mc Leod' could also signal a Viking family history.It feels like a Hollywood awards movie from 30 years ago, laced with the kind of four-hankie strategies — hugs, buckets of tears, New Age greeting-card sentiments — that “Manchester” transcended.By the end of “Collateral Beauty,” you’d have to have a heart of stone for the film not to get to you a bit, but even if it does, you may still feel like you’ve been played."It's a warming story that speaks to the spirit of togetherness in the festive season and the joy of just coming home." A book telling the story of the advert will arrive in branches and independent book shops and the ad will screen in cinemas ahead of Christmas.A game will give social media followers an interactive experience of the robin's journey home.Anyone from Maine to Virginia should be used to the winter weather and elements experienced with cold. And there is a warm current from the Gulf Stream so you are actually able to withstand the temperatures.