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Episode 6 is narrated by some sort of guy from K'un-Lun who Danny is seen literally speaking to. Is it implied that Danny is talking to him the whole show? Colleen is struggling to pay rent on her dojo the entire show, but is also backed by a global crime syndicate with seemingly unlimited money and power? Colleen teaches her students to hunt her down and attack her on the street and is then somehow confused when someone tells her The Hand might be some sort of an evil organization? Bakuto stabs Danny with some kind of silver rod when he’s escaping the Hand compound and it seems like it’s the thing that’s disrupting Danny’s chi, but then later we learn that his chi is being clouded because he’s angry.

On a cool October evening in 2012, Samantha Trimble walked into the lobby of Millwood Hospital, a low-slung brick building on the side of a road in Arlington, Texas, seeking a free mental health assessment.

The title seemingly refers to Portland, Oregon, home of the Trail Blazers.With her pastor beside her for moral support, she replied, “Well, who hasn’t had suicidal thoughts?” She said she had no intention to kill herself but joked, “It’s Texas, it isn’t that hard to get a gun.” They all laughed, she recalled. No matter how long he's lived in an alternate dimension adjacent to the Himalayan mountains, why would he go up to Colleen Wing — a stranger — and just start speaking Mandarin? Danny walks into what is clearly a karate studio and tells the owner of it to hire him to teach kung fu there. When Danny is in the psychiatric hospital he tells the doctor that the “John Anderson” passport he used to get to the US is fake. We spend several episodes watching Danny rescue a woman named Sabine, who then literally never comes back again.29. His chi gets clouded when he’s upset, but the biggest Iron Fist attack we see is in the last episode when he’s very upset, trying to save Colleen.40. Danny breaks into a house, realizes it’s not his house, but Joy Meachum’s, and then just tells her he broke into her house like, “lol my bad.”6.You know that viral picture that shows ISP internet bundles being sold as cable packages?