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If you want a new Bravery Seal, you should get a new horse in the Store or upgrade one with a Magic Seal! No, it is not possible to remove or unlearn a Bravery Seal! There are many challenges that can be done while you ride in Etria. Only the best horses will be able to enter a very difficult challenge! A horse is limited to a certain number of Bravery Seals depending on its tier (1 Bravery Seal for Tier 1 and 2 horses and 2 Bravery Seals for Tier 3 and 4 horses). Don't forget that challenges have skills requirements depending on the type of challenge and its difficulty. The skill required depends on the type of challenge (eg. Keep in mind that some challenges also require a certain Bravery Seal! You are free to run any challenge as many times as you want. - "Very Easy" challenges can be attempted by any horse.- "Easy" challenges require the level of 25 in a specific skill.- "Average" challenges require a level of 40 in a specific skill.- "Hard" challenges require a level of 55 in a specific skill.- "Very Hard" challenges require a leve of 70 in a specific skill. However, you will need Equus to train your horses in between quests and completing challenges is the best way to earn Equus!I also think that you should be able to start the camera from the i Pad without having to start up the i Phone (that way if your phone got stolen you could see who stole it using the camera).Also, there is no way to contact the developer through email.Every time you open a live sex site above, you can be sure that you’ll be browsing a high quality webcam sex site worth using!

The view on the i Pad also has a fast/HD toggle and the ability to take a snapshot. Starting the app on the i Phone gave me a list of i Pads to select and a connect button. I did not need to turn either one off for it to work - it just worked if either or both was available. Reinstalled also when I did not think it was working.

Transmits Live stream from i Phone Camera on i Pad screen!

Use as a surveillance camera, baby monitor or just to impress your friends!

Video servers in locations specifically for our Asia/Europe Friends!

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