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According to a study published in the Journal of Bisexuality, "[t]he Down Low is a lifestyle predominately practiced by young, urban Black men who have sex with other men and women, yet do not identify as gay or bisexual." In this context, "being on the Down Low" is more than just men having sex with men in secret, or a variant of closeted homosexuality or bisexuality — it is a sexual identity that is, at least partly, defined by its "cult of masculinity" and its rejection of what is perceived as white culture (including white LGBT culture) and terms.
I'm looking for friendship that could turn into something more serious. Someone I can talk to about anything and not be judged. I spent most of my life in Germany 🇩🇪 although my dad is an American.

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Elsewhere, Eric misinterprets a phone call from Simon.

Simon finds a way to slow down his relationship with Rose, but her stubbornness derails his plan and Ruthie tries to ditch a boy who wants to go out with her.

And allows me to believe that we have what it takes to grow young together,” Bundy adds. THAT’s when you know if love is true.” The couple met four years ago.

The way we’ve come out of differences and challenges as better, more fully realized versions of ourselves has only deepened our love and connection …

Shortly thereafter, he married and began a family with Annie Jackson.

The way we've come out of differences & challenges as better more fully realized versions of ourselves has only deepened our love & connection…

“That’s not some romantic exaggeration for the sake of posting this either. The bourbon thing really won me over …” “But in all seriousness …

“Initially, it was his biting wit, charm and the fact he beat me at Dance Dance Revolution at Jerry’s Deli that swept me off my feet, but it’s his thoughtfulness, massively generous heart and the fact that he switched from scotch to [Kentucky] bourbon that has kept me falling in love with him more every day,” Bundy writes.

In fact, Martin is asking out someone else completely.

Eric gets the cold shoulder from Ruthie after she loses the chance to date an older boy and Lucy doesn't like the repercussions of Kevin's new role in their daughter's life.