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Depending on choices made near the end of the game, you may not be able to date her forever.

Living with women isn't an easy deal, but without them the life can be much worse.

Also once you arrange a date with her do not take over an hour in the game’s time to pick her up or her fondness will also go down.

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The three girlfriends found on the internet have special abilities that can be unlocked when they like Niko enough (fondness).There are provided ratings of what each girl thinks of each place that range from 0-100, 100 being she loves it, 0 being shes hates it.Den Artikel gibts hier 'sn', 'toolbar=no,location=no,status=no,menubar=no,scrollbars=no,screen X=5,screen Y=5,height=300,width=650'); popup.focus();" class='content-socialsquare' Insgesamt gibt es fünf mögliche Freundinnen für Niko Bellic in GTA: IV.If you get dumped, wait a few in-game days and try your luck again.Michelle is a friend of Roman's girlfriend, Mallorie, and introduced early in the story during the mission "Three's A Crowd". If you're tired of taking Roman on man dates, it's time to wash the blood off your Sunday best and take on the opposite sex.