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, University of Nebraska Omaha professor and excavation director Rami Arav revealed that the coin was issued by Herod’s great-grandson Agrippa II. E., though thereafter the Roman army continued to stamp out the last of the rebels at such hideouts as Herod’s desert fortress at Masada. at Caesarea Maritima, the bronze coin depicts Roman Emperor Domitian on the obverse (front face of the coin) and a palm tree on the reverse (back face).* Judaea Capta (“Judea captured”) coins were first struck under Roman Emperor Vespasian to celebrate the Romans’ suppression of the Jewish revolt (66–70 C. The revolt was effectively quashed with the destruction of Jerusalem in 70 C.How to use this key Please look at your coin on both sides and pick an appropriate link based on the pictures to identify your coin.

In later periods, Old Hebrew was sometimes inscribed on coins as a tool for Hebrew nationalism.

I would also like to thank the Bozeman Public Library, especially Mary Ann Childs, who handled well over a hundred of my interlibrary loans during these two years.

For those of you that would like to donate to this research and further research to be posted, please click the donate button below and thank you.

Finally, after almost two years, this study/book is completed enough to at least post to the site.

I fully expect that as time goes by and more archaeology becomes available, information will be added.