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Askfm, the super popular Q&A social networking site, has released a list of the most popular acronyms and slang terms among its younger users as a way to inform parents on what the hell their kids are talking about online."Teen language can experience a seismic shift with just a few clicks, texts or posts, and word or even symbol choices can literally change by the day," Andrea Cutright, ASKfm COO said in a statement. To be fair, most of the people we asked knew at least half of these. Peep: "Can refer either to friends (your people), or to look at/listen to (e.g. Slept: "Can refer to hitting someone hard enough to knock them out, missing out on something awesome, or to be extremely high"17. No chill: "Used to describe someone who is being irrational"19."Teens use our Q&A platform as a means to express themselves through dialogue so we have our finger on the pulse of how teens talk—be it in the form of acronyms, new definitions or the latest emoji. We're hip with the kids when it comes to stuff being "cool AF." But for others, we were totally clueless and our guesses are total shots in the dark at best. Savage: "Used to describe something that is hardcore or extreme, in a good way"13. Likers get rate: "A phrase that implies the original poster will rank anyone that likes/comments/answers a post, typically around how cool they are perceived to be or how they look; also used to incent followers to like posts to get something (usually indicated in the post) in return"20.Dave Morin, an early Facebook employee who left to found the 'private' social network Path in 2010, said he recognized last summer the critical role of messaging functions in smartphone apps, and quickly began working to incorporate them.If you believe e-mail, blogs, text messaging, instant messaging, social networking sites, and 3-D virtual worlds (with avatars) are a completely harmless way for teens to communicate, think again!Whether it's done in person or online, this counts as discrimination and is against the law in many states.The study also looked at which services teens were talking about - and found messaging services such as Kik and Snapchat were popular, alongside Vine, Twitters video-blogging service, messageboard 4chan and shopping site Wanelo.It was a terrible time, she says, but with some counseling and support from adults and friends, she was able to make sense of what happened to her. Here are some suggestions on what to do if you, or someone you know, is involved.Cyberbullying is the use of technology to harass, threaten, embarrass, or target another person.

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But besides the millions of sites to visit and things to do, going online offers lots of ways to waste time — and even get into trouble.K., who said the Kik messaging app 'blew up' among his friends about six months ago.The growth in the messaging apps reflect the dramatic shift in Internet usage in recent years, as Web visits via desktop computers have stagnated while smartphone ownership and app downloads have skyrocketed. Because it's not about where your kids are; it's about what kind of slang words they're sending each other on social media. That should totally be a new PSA that runs on TV at night.The most popular apps include Kik and Whatsapp, both products of North American startups, as well as Kakao Inc's Kakao Talk, NHN Corp's LINE and Tencent Holdings Ltd's We Chat, which have blossomed in Asian markets.