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In recent days Herrera had been having trouble hearing in one ear, and so her longtime friend, Tony Bechara, a voluble artist, sometimes helped her to understand my questions, speaking more loudly than me or translating them into Spanish, which she first spoke growing up in Havana. “We can’t live without them, and we cannot live with them.” Herrera’s father was a newspaper editor, her mother a reporter.Growing up in Havana, she took art classes, but she studied to be an architect, quitting that path in the late 1930s when she married Jesse Loewenthal, a school teacher who died in 2000 at the age of 98. I heard her and I asked questions, and she was terrific.”The couple moved to New York, and Herrera studied at the Art Students League.Les will be giving a floor talk at the S H Ervin Gallery in Sydney on the 5th of May at 3pm about his portrait of Melbourne Underworld figure and all 'round good guy Mick Gatto.There are a few guest speakers, so come along and join the fun.

David Behringer, the man behind The Two Percent, is using radio technology in a new way to do it, and the approach has the potential to make intimidating spaces such as galleries — and the neighborhoods where they are — a bit more accessible.

Les will be talking about tattooing, painting and whatever else comes up on ABC702 with presenter Robbie Buck on Monday the 1st of February. Les' painting Images of Christian Martyrdom : James the Persian is a finalist in the Blake Prize for Religious Art at the National Art School Gallery, Sydney..

On Rage is a group show curated by Ben Quilty at Jan Murphy Gallery in Brisbane's Fortitude Valley.

However, Getty Images leads a new breed of copyright trolls who target these infringers, sending extortion letters designed to scare them into paying hundreds of dollars or risk a more expensive lawsuit.

The infringing images are arbitrarily priced at levels high enough to claim significant damages, while similar images in their catalog sell for a fraction of that price.