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The head of Israel's Reform movement, Rabbi Gilad Kariv, harshly condemned the letter and said, "Israeli society is falling into a deep, dark pit of racism and xenophobia," according to spokeswoman Yuli Goren.More than 30 female rabbis from the Reform movement published a counter-letter harshly condemning the one released Wednesday, Goren said.There was a great deal of “down time,” which meant many evenings hanging out on Ben Yehuda and Emek Refaim streets and occasional mornings or afternoons to roam around Jerusalem.Flash back to one sunny day in a park-like area near the King David Hotel."Your grandmothers never dreamt that their descendants would do something that will take the next generations of her family out of the Jewish people," it says.The letter was initiated by the head of Lehava, an extreme right-wing group that says it aims to prevent the "assimilation of the Jewish people" and works at "saving Jewish girls from Arab villages." "It's known that girls who go out with Arabs are beaten, these girls are in danger. There is a violent social trend and everyone ignores it," said the head of the group, Anat Gopstein, in a radio interview Wednesday morning.And the experience takes me back 21 years to a summer I spent in Jerusalem.I was 22 and taking part in a student leadership program for North American Jews.

Separation between Jews and Arabs is so ingrained in Israeli society, it is surprising that anyone manages to escape these central controls.Even if you want to leave the village it will be much harder.They won't let you, they will chase you, they won't let you come back." It urges Jewish girls not to go out with non-Jews or work in places that employ non-Jews.The principle is essentially a general one, and the deuteronomic explanation doesn't clarify why it singles out the Canaanites in particular; one of the Talmudic writers took it to forbid all intermarriage with non-Jewish nations.with a Midianite woman (not from the seven Canaanite nations); this took place at a time when foreign (Moabite) women were inducing the Jews to perform idolatry.That it could happen in a public square, watched by dozens of people who did not apparently intervene on his behalf.