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Jake and vienna still dating

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” Vienna just couldn’t take it anymore — so she left.“I care about [Jake], I do, but I can’t take it anymore,” she says. ” And the question of Vienna’s new man — she made no mention of Gregory Michael during her interview with Star."I wanna enjoy each other because that's what it's about."As to whether we'll see Molzahn sporting an engagement ring or walking down the aisle any time soon, she simply states, "We'll have to see."Your Tango: Are you still in contact with Jake Pavelka?

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But for me, I had no expectations, and I took everything by stride, and it ended up being something so good for me. Your Tango: What do you think of Juan Pablo as the? Tenley Molzahn: I'm actually pleasantly surprised because I didn't really know how I felt about him.In a subsequent sit-down interview with her and Jake under the auspices of ABC, an insightful tale from their relationship surfaced: after Jake gave her driving directions, she consulted a GPS to double check, and he threw it into the backseat in a fit of rage that she would "undermine him" in this way. He seriously was full of primal rage that she would dare to use a GPS, and that was chilling. Although she voted him out mid-season, he returned to tattle-tale on fellow contestant Wes.winner Vienna Girardi, 30, is engaged to race car driver Todd Allen, 30. Shortly after their split, Vienna began dating Kasey Kahl, whom she originally met as a contestant on .Vienna certainly had a knack for starting drama by blurting inappropriate truths to a room full of people; whether this was naivete or an insouciant genius for reality TV is anyone's guess.SHE SAID: Vienna sold a story to for an alleged 90,000 dollars shortly after their proposal.PHOTOS: Vienna Girardi’s Life After The Bachelor After going through two very public breakups — first with fiancé Jake then with boyfriend Kasey Kahl (who was also a Bachelorette alumni) — Vienna is for once single.