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we went to see "Barking In Essex" on saturday 28th dec, what a laugh it was, we were in fits of laughter from start to finish, we love lee evans and this was a xmas treat for me & my are both massive fans, the bad language didn't bother us in anyway at all, we think it made is all the funnier actually..played their parts really well, and when lee came out dressed as carmin miranda that was so funny and we know how good he is at miming to music ect..the faces he pulled while doing it as well...cracked us up!

sheila hancock also played a great part, it seemed funny hearing her swear like that but we still laughed....considering there was only 5 people in that play, it was brilliant and they all played a good part and was totally funny from start to end..those people who were offended, they should have read the reviews first.are not easily offended, so we loved it big time!!!

You know, they wait in the bog, pound in hand, and as soon as someone comes in they're like "Come on!

Lee Evans was born on February 25, 1947 in Madera, California.

The show turned into something completely different from what I intended it to be. The first was a double-sided disc (unusual for a BBC release) showing all eight episodes, with the second containing 30-minutes of outtakes and a documentary about Lee Evans.

It was as if they didn’t trust me, as if they didn’t think I was good enough a writer, but it didn’t work.

While running for Overfelt High School, Evans was undefeated in his high school career, improving his 440-yard time from 48.2 in 1964 to 46.9 in 1965.

Evans was granted the prestige of being a Fulbright Scholar.

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Rose sawed open Oswald’s skull to find a completely normal brain.It aired on BBC One from 26 March 2001 until , with only one series of eight episodes being broadcast.Co-written by and starring Lee Evans, this sitcom centres around his character sharing a house with his slobbish friend and their neurotic landlady.At the age of four Evans moved to Fresno where he would attend Madison Elementary School for eight years.In his last year at Madison Elementary he trained for his first race by racing his friends at school.Evans went to Central Union High School where he was classified in the C class for the 660 yd dash due to his height, weight, and age.