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If you've created hardlinks, several filenames will point to the same data, and the data (the actual contents) won't be marked as free/usable until all references to it has been removed.

Before you delete files, either stat them (Entry named Links) or do ls -l on them (should be the second column).

Linux kernel developer Ingo Molnár called atime "perhaps the most stupid Unix design idea of all times," adding: "[T]hink about this a bit: 'For every file that is read from the disk, lets do a ... And, for every file that is already cached and which we read from the cache ... '" He further emphasized the performance impact thus: Atime updates are by far the biggest IO performance deficiency that Linux has today.

Getting rid of atime updates would give us more everyday Linux performance than all the pagecache speedups of the past 10 years, man mount ....

My professor is very big on independent research and doesn't exactly cover all the important things to know.

Also, I'm aware that I need to be checking for errors -- those checks have been written and will be implemented later.

For one part of a code, I need to save both the name and the stats (user ID, group ID, modification time, permissions, etc.) of every file in a given directory into an array of self-defined structs.All you need to do is to remove the file descriptors.First execute lsof | grep deleted to identify the process holding the file One possibility is that the file(s) you deleted have more references in the Ignacio mentions, deleting the file won't free the space until you delete the processes that have open handles against that file.Nevertheless, you can reclaim the space without killing the processes.I'm not sure what's going wrong; some help would be greatly appreciated.