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His life changes when it is revealed that Kazuki is descended from a line of world-famous magicians and he has the potential to father the most powerful magician in the world. Vision (ADV) acquired the English language distribution rights of the anime series in March 2004 and released it under its ADV Films division.

Suddenly three girls, Yuna Miyama, Kuriko Kazetsubaki and Rin Kamishiro, enter Kazuki's life in order to obtain his valuable genes. Maburaho is set in a world where every character has the ability to use magic, however everyone's magic is not equal.

Additionally, Tiffany contributed to the albums “Voices for Peace” and “Voices for Tolerance”(

Profits benefit charities like Doctors Without Borders. Non-anime work includes Arlington Road (with Jeff Bridges) and indie films Laughing Boy and Dead of Knight.

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He is the creator of Powerpuff Girls Z Abridged (PPGZA) & the Sonic Abridged OVA Movie On August 30, 2012, he became a member of the abridging team, Team AARU.The series first introduces us to Kazuki Shikimori, a second year student from an elite magic school, Aoi Academy.However, unlike his classmates, Kazuki can only use his magic eight times before he turns to dust. Best known as Asuka in Neon Genesis Evangelion, Tiffany was the first anime voice actor hired in Texas (Feb. She’s voiced characters in over 1000 TV episodes, OVAs & movies including Azumanga Daioh, Chrono Crusade, Blue Seed, Golden Boy, Full Metal Panic?Fumoffu, Godannar, Fullmetal Alchemist, One Piece, The Wallflower, Kurau Phantom Memory, Tsubasa: RESERVoir CHRo Ni CLE and Maburaho.Tiffany has years of experience in theatre and commercials and an incurable Hello Kitty addiction!