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Mandating community service high schools

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There was a general “group think” among community leaders, administrators, and legislatures that requiring students to participate in community service projects would help introduce them to the value of giving back, while at the same time it would be a good way they could repay the community for subsidizing their educations.

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You can be a 4.0 student and get into any college you want, but you won’t graduate because of the community service requirement.” Even without mandated community service programs, as the admissions process to college became more competitive, students were advised to complete community service in order to improve their chances of being admitted.

In both systems, the class of 2001 was to be the first to come under the new requirement.

But before the 1999-2000 school year was over, one system (Jefferson) had revoked its policy under pressure from educators who viewed the service requirement as competing with academics.

Most colleges embraced community service as a founding principal of their college.

Harvard and Yale were founded to educate missionaries who could spread out into the distant areas of the growing United States and carry the Presbyterian message.