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The only list I have is P2P so I don't know why I'm receiving this, unless of course this is a paid list. In order to obtain updates from now, delete all existing lists (except permallow) before running the Peer Block 'update' function. They could provide one basic free anti P2P list and rest for the subscribers, instead of charging for everything. iptables rules look normal and pgl chains is where they supposed to be. Is all of this happening to me at the same time a conspiracy? Peerguardian is still updating and blocking stuff for me on another linux distro it was already previously installed on though so its curious for me. beats 60 a month for a vpn Judging by your post in another thread you have a good grasp of the trade-offs involved. even though alot of the blocklists were much much more encompassing in the past and for w/e reasons are not as much now, I still feel the 9.99 for a year is well deserved.