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It continued to be occupied by Neolithic and then Bronze Age peoples, and later (in the Iron Age) by Brythons with distinctive cultural relations to neighbouring Wales and Brittany.
The objectives of this study are as follows: 1) Determine if any spatial bias exists with regards to the distribution of sea otters outside of Moss Landing Harbor, such that they disproportionately utilize the area of the thermal plume from the Moss Landing power plant; 2) Document the behavior of sea otters occurring within the plume area (PA) and compare with behavior of otters in near-bye non-plume areas (NPAs) of comparable bathymetry; and 3) Document the diet of any sea otters feeding within the PA and compare this to the diet of otters feeding in NPAs. All visual surveys were made using a spotting scope on the observation deck of the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute (MBARI).