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hide this course 712 65123 METABOLISM OF WATER AND MINERALS IN HUMANS Body composition and various estimation methods potassium and magnesium elements. The functions of minerals include preserving the electrolyte balance of the body fluids, tissue building, oxidation-reduction reactions etc. Carbohydrates digestion and absorption - effect of acarbose. Deeper understanding of his personality, his state of consiousness and learning processes, his emotions and reaction to stress and the symptoms causes and treatmetn of his mental disorders. Middle age: Adjustments of growing children and aging parents. The course will include skill training with active simulation of treatment techniques. hide this course 712 71135 SEMINAR (NUTRITIONAL SCIENCES) -- hide this course 716 71136 FLUID MECHANICS AND HYDRAULICS Hydrostatics - Pressure in fluids. hide this course 724 71186 PLANTS NATURAL PRODUCTS AND PHYTO REMEDIATION -- hide this course 718 71195 SEMINAR (ANIMAL SCIENCES) -- hide this course 718 71198 CELL CYCLE CONTROL - PROTONCOGENES Cell culture. Topics include: Web based analysis of nucleotide and amino acid sequences,creation and use of domains and motifs,phylogenetics and genome comparisons.