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'I thought we have all matured and moved on,' she continued.
Now before you all get crazy on me with your battle cries of, “Not all of us ladies want to dress like a skank to grab a man…this is supposed to be a Christian website…” bla bla bla, let me suggest you read the title of my formula carefully. Nor did I mention you’d find a great man But I promise you with 100% of my being that, should you stick to it, you’ll find some male interested in you. For those that want more out of life and love, you’re going to need a new formula, aren’t you? See if, with guidance and example, he is willing to let go of some childish behaviors in favor for manly ones.5 – 8 points: He might be fun to date, but he’s not marriage material. You can also find me on Facebook here or at my personal blog,