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People mila kunis still dating culkin

Problem: Making it too easy “Men love a good challenge.
Last night, she gave me the ultimatum, remove the ex from fb or we are breaking up. She already went through my phone and deleted all my texts with the ex, which I let slide. I'm over my ex, have no feelings left, and actually happy that we broke up. She doesn't like that I'm friends with so many girls (It's really only 2-3) and she hates that my ex and I are still on fb. We don't keep in touch but I like to check up every now and down just to see how they're doing. I feel like if I do this, the next thing would be to stop seeing my friends (who I've known far longer) I feel it's a bit much to demand this after dating for only a month. Cliffs: - Dating for a month - Ex broke up with in June, after 7 month relationship - Doesn't like that I have close friends who happen to be girls (also have guy friends, but not that close) - Wants me to remove ex from fb or break up - Already broke my privacy and seems obsessive Do you want to be with someone who is going to question the majority of your actions or decisions?