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Walaupun ramai ahli2 group Whatsapp yang aku join kongsikan gambar2 macam ni, biasanya aku takkan forward ke group lain dan sekali sekali bagi ceramah free kat diorang.
simply awesome, natural in every aspect of his emotions, his eyes kinda can talk For me, this is was the best drama for MGY ! She lets me loves her and hates her in the same time! Also, i love to watch this drama again and again sometimes when i miss her role! So her acting here is the best among all of her dramas It's 2015 and I'm watching it again. In every episode that she will do something against or related to MGY I really get irritated, annoyed and pissed. She really made me mad and frustrated meaning she is really good at portraying her role. Moon Geun Young portrays her cynical and cold character excellently, but there are times you want to rip your eyeballs out. Hated Seo Woo's acting in this, she acts like a 7 year old the whole series. :( i hope to see you in another drama or movie real soon after GOF!