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People dating and kissing advice

She sat next to Cathy, who was seven and had curly blonde pigtails. Then, there was Becky, nine, with a valance of blonde hair above her gray-green eyes. She told me, “It’s important for a young woman to look nice and perhaps you could learn something from my example.” I wetted the cowlick on the back of my hair, combed it with my fingers and told her to “Shut up.” She ran to tell mom that I said “shut up.” It’s a forbidden word, along with “get” “got” “thing” (because they are examples of lazy language) and “gee” “gosh” and “darn” (because they are too close to “Jesus” “God and “Damn.”) All of these words are also laminated and taped to the wall near the spoon that hangs above my mother’s head. There is a long crack that runs through the Proverb from where the spoon was broken on Jessie’s behind. First from our mother, who read to us at the head of the table and then, from my father, who read to us as we squeeze together on the couch, spilling over onto the salmon-colored carpet of our Texas ranch home.