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People who is selma blair dating

I'm sure the old guy in the antique store was compensated for the damage done but if what the news reports are saying is true, I don't like the way they went about i saw this movie last nightand i have to say that it was pretty awesomeit gives some interesting views of different peopleones you dont normally hear about in a normal conversationhanging gays, the hate on for jews, the REAL religious fanaticsi went and was exhausted after....laughing so hard and cringing at same time..moments where i sank in my seat in horror but laughing.....what is really funny is that so many of the people who are going to this movie in some parts of the world (especially the states) are laughing but not understanding.....i saw it people were chanting Borat Borat and I really don't think they got the movie.....was shocking and sad to see what people will actually say when they think they can get away with it.....those two main characters sure had balls though......stuff they had the guts to do is amazing Just wait till it comes out on DVD. They either want to see it again and/or buy it the moment it comes out on DVD. (it airs on HBO and Showcase I think)I have Season 1 and 2 on DVD. Make sure you have quick access to relieve your bladder if you find yourself watching the episode on in which he interviews Jack Lipton of "Inside the Actors Studio" YO... reacting as they do everyday - their values, ideologies and actions are all their owns.