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"Any reports to the contrary are woefully mistaken.
I teach African American Literature, Popular Culture, and Hip Hop at Armstrong State University in Savannah, GA. I went for the Spring semester and was on the academic side of things writing this Out Kast book , so I spent most of my day building my writing playlist, writing, reading, checking social media, and chopping it up with amazing and smart ass people who helped me get my shit together for this book like Skip Gates and Marcyliena Morgan. And I got to hear Toni Morrison lecture 50 leven times. If was feeling particularly fanciful, I went to Peppermint Music to buy the singles and albums in the mall. People have written about Nas, Tupac, Wu-Tang, all them. Tell me how you took that love and turned it into a for-credit class at Armstrong State. So the legend goes, Big Boi’s auntie saw the article and forwarded it to him.