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Can they out-wit, out-last, and out-play the creator of the TOP!? A long time ago, in a Minecraft far, far, farrrr right on this very channel... 100 episodes and years of careful planning (that definitely happened), the boys are back in the Altar to begin a new adventure. This week, you can watch the thrilling conclusion to the most clue-searchinest episode of Minecraft since episode 100! In the words of the great Tommy Wiseau, "Anything for my princess." Eons before Achievement City existed as you or I know it today, The Ancient Ones thrived in an underwater utopia far below on the ocean floor. But occasionally the Achievement Hunter crew doesn't want to run all around the city. Sometimes they just want to sit down, drink beer, and chat. I see, I see, I see yaw over theaw and I want yaw to be o'a hyeaw. Creeper Soccer X was built with the intent of making the Achievement Hunter boys absolutely miserable, but in a crazy-ass turn of events, they had a pretty great time. The Achievement Hunter crew is taking a trip over to downtown Achievement City (where the grass is green and the girls are pretty) to compete in the deadliest competition in all of Minecraft - the Darwin Awards! Also, we get fucked hard by Endermen, and talk about what it's like to be fucked hard by horses.