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I hope you like my stories at least 1/10000 as much I do :) App: Anna Todd (Google and Apple) My instagram name is imaginator1d :) And my twitter is imaginator1dx Facebook- https:// A bad ATTITUDE is a like flat tire, if you dont change it, you'll never go anywhere. Which, of course, I don't, but if I did put it in here, would you know about it and tell me that you like raisins, too? I think it's about time that I put something productive in here instead of some waffle about raisins. I'm a Sims 2 serial killer, push doors that say pull and get hit by parked cars. I sing occasionally, my shower thinks I'm fantastic. Also, please do not send me requests about translating my work into another language. So, on leaving note, I'm going to give you a fact for wasting your time here.