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Did you see a region of her body where it was obvious she could have lost the weight? Theres a growing climate in MMA and Muay Thai (in the U. If Ken is going win the fight he has to i think get in the clinch, trip Kimbo and find a submission. He's a good fighter..a contender really but a solid addition to any roster. And look at his body, he just looks terrible compared to his hey-day bastardization of mma reaches new levels tomorrow And then Some It is disgusting that a legit big TIME Heavy Weight like Andre is on this card, getting 2nd billing but this Side-Show circus Act known as Kimbo is getting all this pub. l7Ue1h Om-6w LOL, i swear i thought i could hear Kimbo yelling like MR. Ken is a lot of things, a chicken isn't one of them.