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Skype’s spokesperson made a statement over the issue on Skype’s website, saying that there is apparently an issue with the status settings of Skype.
I apologize if updates aren't as forthcoming as you'd wish, but, well... Unfortunately, it's also much harder to get inspiration for it, but I'll try to find some and work on it in my spare spare time. For starters, what you see is pretty much what you get with me. ummm, my name is Loren (girl), I'm TWENTY-TWO (unfortunately, twenty-two sucks.), in grad school, and I live in the middle of everywhere for the moment. Oh, and I've written tons of it, tons that I haven't published because it sucked and wasn't really going anywhere... Basically I love reading, but I love writing about a gazillion times more. And there'll be more of course, but yeah, anyways... I'm a hopeless romantic, but I'm also really cynical and have a ridiculously dirty sense of humor (try that combination on for size). Ah, now it's time for the required history section where I tell you how long I've been writing and such.