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Overall, the drama keeps you hooked but could have been more interesting if it was limited to around 10 episodes. I want to mention another fantastic actor who is that Kim Hyung Mook(portrayed as Song Tae gon). But there's one thing i feel dissapointed, why this drama didn't have OST ? I like romance too, but the romance between lee sang yoon and lee bo young seem appropriate for the situation. Keep turning the story around and not logical unless it reflects a poor country system. Producer, please be more realistic in your approach. I enjoy Korean drama e,g, all about eve, goblin, suspicious housekeeper, descendant of sun, Chief Kim, Brain etc.
Dear Rosie & Sherry, You've mentioned in the past that when dating seriously, it’s important to come clean regarding health issues. I tried it a few times, some episodes more seriously than others. The last instance was a decade ago and I spent three weeks in the hospital. And yet I believe that one woman will discover me to be the most warm, caring, loving and patient man. In addition, every child I meet leaves with a smile (unless I give homework). I know that when I meet this woman, I'll need to tell her something about my past. The World Health Organization estimates that by 2020, depression might be the second most common health problem in the world, and it currently affects 9% percent of the U. Fortunately, there are several successful ways to treat depression, and like you, many who have what's called major depressive disorder are leading healthy, full lives and manage their condition with the help of medication and counseling.