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In your mind your wondering what she really thinks of you... Your hoping she wont mention anything but you know it's a problem and it's very clearly affecting both of you... If its been going on for some time then it's getting worse... If you were a woman & your man couldn't last longer then a few minutes, couldn't please you the way you needed it or even give you normal sex... I know how insecure I was about her because knowing she was thinking about other men is where is started... Your feelings, your thoughts, your moods & ultimately success are all based on the happiness you experience in life. Medical reports show that Premature Ejaculation is a problem for approximately 30% of men worldwide. unfortunately it took me over 5 years and a divorce to figure that one out. I went through hell - I even asked about surgery to fix the problem. Before fixing premature ejaculation you need to see where you are below...