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Although I think this may be true for some people, it certainly isn’t true for everyone.“I guess I’ve had one-night stands, I mean I’ve had times where I’ve hooked up with someone once and then kind of never again,” said Tersigni.
"Fossil species succeed one another in a definite and recognizable order" Fossils at the base of a thick sequence of sediments (so older, by previous principles) are less like present-day species than those near the top * Fossils unlike present-day species, but like each other, are found in widely separated sites * A fossil species which is observed to occur above (and so younger than, by previous principles) a second fossil species in one locality will always occur above that second species, wherever found. Angular unconformities Implies tectonic deformation and erosion of underlying strata. Nonconformity Sedimentary strata overlying igneous or metamorphic rocks (in an erosional - not intrusive- contact) 3.