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John Mayer did just that in a 2010 interview with Playboy when he spoke candidly about ex-girlfriend Jessica Simpson. less Even though it's fairly normalized these days, sugar daddy culture is still considered fairly scandalous. Her claim that her hit "Supernatural" was written about a sexual experience with..for it...a ghost (! The star, then pregnant with her first child, revealed the following: "I am definitely 'feeling intimate. less Jessica Simpson, the victim of John Mayer's sexual confession, made a reveal of her own to Ryan Seacrest in 2012.
Just What can you tell us about Troian’s character and your scenes together? Adams: Troian comes in and plays a character from my past, so we have a flashback together, which like anything on , can come to play a part in the present. JJ: It’s always nice to see Mike in those flashbacks. You really just kind of helping people to find what’s going on in the scene. Gabriel [Macht] was amazing because I had done the same to him when he directed 4×11, so we had each other’s backs. He’s in trouble again, especially now that Louis has his name on the wall. Yeah, his name is on the wall and he obviously has enough leverage to accomplish whatever he wants.