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The convention will it- main in session all next week. ONLY Tl CMS Russia's Ultimatum Specifies "i Vfarcti 28'as'^Date Before Wliich Satisfactory Reply is to be Given Many Leap from Windows, to be Crushed on Pavement- Fifty Charred Bodies Found on One Floor Valud Mo Pftckag* tort NOGALl^^S, A/.;, March '25. Ilawltlns, a \n eiis-Faxi V c*t»»c55 .sensor runnltisr between Kog^l M W. b CLWCCII llll Uouii «Anw Twenty-six the reception of the German sovereigns was exceedingly quiet. Then they relent and decide to accede to their fathar's wishes, only to discover upon the wedding day that they lo\e each other after all. „ -m^a/si XXi X^Xiiam VICTORIA DAILY COLONIST Sunday, March 26, 1911 '■'he REGAL is a marine engine of QUALITY. WE THINK QUALITY WE TALK QUALITY WE LIVE QUALITY When you Ijiiy a REGAL from us you are bu3'ing " QUALITY. I am instructed to reply that in the work of this council the results of the Census are of the utmost use and Im- portance, and we have constantly to reply upon Information essential to our inquiries which is oqly obtainable through the Census; any course which may detract from the accuracy of these results therefore is.