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ORMSBY; FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION, in its capacity as RECEIVER OF SOUTHEAST BANK, NA; PAINEWEBBER INCORPORATED; MERRILL LYNCH, PIERCE, FENNER & SMITH, INC.; THE PRUDENTIAL INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA; NATIONAL BANK OF CANADA; CITICORP REAL ESTATE, INC.; FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF BOSTON; FEDERAL NATIONAL MORTGAGE ASSOCIATION; FEDERAL HOME LOAN MORTGAGE CORPORATION; CHASE FEDERAL BANK, FSB; CITIZENS AND SOUTHERN TRUST COMPANY (FLORIDA), NA; REGIONS BANK OF LOUISIANA, as Successor to SECOR BANK, FSB; OXFORD FIRST CORP.; THE OXFORD FINANCE COMPANIES, INC.; LASALLE BUSINESS CREDIT, INC.; as Successor to STANCHART BUSINESS CREDIT, INC.; HARBOR FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION; GREYHOUND FINANCIAL CORPORATION; LLOYDS BANK PLC; and JOHN DOES 1-10 Jose Rolo, Rosa Rolo, Dr. Thus, these defendants incurred no losses from defaults and had no incentive to ensure that loans reflected the true value of the property. Accordingly, neither the district court nor this Court, in its 1991 decision, treated GDC or GDV as defendants in this case. About two weeks after the filing of this case, plaintiffs filed a proof of claim with the bankruptcy court, on behalf of all members of the NPA, a group of more than 5,000 individual who had purchased property from GDC and its agents. In support of their claim, plaintiffs reiterated the allegations detailed in their complaint, which was attached to their proof of claim. During the bankruptcy proceedings, the bankruptcy judge denied class treatment of plaintiffs' claims and approved settlements in which over 60,000 homesite and house purchasers participated. Although this argument raised allegations not contained in the amended complaint, the plaintiffs did not formally request further leave to amend the complaint. By letter dated April 12, 1995, the district court requested briefing from the parties regarding the appropriate actions for the court to take on reconsideration.