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Did you know that it takes less than 5 minutes for you to get a first impression of someone?
Today’s Azerbaijani citizens are the heirs to a rich history and culture.

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I'm sure that some people would say that they aren't interested because someone like me would be incapable of having a long term relationship. to each his own but, when there are children involved you have to consider them first…

I'd like to know people's thoughts on this subject. they did not ask to be born, they should be your first responsibility and love them more than your thingie, once more when your poor kids find about this ..

Typically my girlfriend and I are both really busy people with work so we hardly get time to do anything other than spend the night watching tv and movies or just talking all night until we fall asleep.

I came over this weekend and I suggested a few thing My boyfriend went to Australia for studies and I hated having a LDR but we managed to keep this going, we have had a lot of ups and downs and it was always me suggesting breakup, it was never an option for him.

sometimes men Don't like to see a girl happy after their break up, he would rather want the girl to feel miserable. When people drive themselves to this behavior they are not in love.

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While I still have some feelings for her and would love to get back with her, I feel like there are two persons in me fighting with each other. - Part of me desperately wants he I used to date a guy, but he was too young and wasn't ready for a committed relationship, so he broke up with me and after a while, we became friends with benefits. This is my first post but this forum has become almost my main page now. My boyfriend of a year and a couple months and I decided to break things up and remain as friends after the relationship had stalled To start with, I and my ex boyfriend are 7 weeks broke up. All those years were in good terms everything is fine,we love each oyher support and care.

At the beginning he wasn't jealous at all, he even said that he was ok with me meeting oth I want to believe that I can find someone who treats me really well, with whom I feel an emotional connection, share compatible values, AND with whom there is mutual physical/sexual attraction. Then suddenly it turns out on sad place were he dumped me last April. I really need some outside perspectives/opinions on my situation.

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