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Tori is whiny and every episode she has to broadcast her personal problems all over the classroom and she just expects everyone to help her and love her. I feel terrible for Jade; she's so much more talented and get overlooked. She acts like she sooo talented even more than her sister Tori when really the episode of the re audition... Hope Quincy I don't like Hope, she's really mean to Andre!

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Then I stuck the whole thing in a one of those tan envelopes and wrote confidential on the front to make it look like the envelope you use in the game. I also thought this would be fun to do around Halloween time!!I included a PDF with you will need to make the announcements. After the game we took pictures and watched the movie, “Clue.” For those of you who haven’t seen the movie – it is a great comedy and fun mystery. White and Professor Plum had their Doesn’t this group look like SO much fun to hang out with?!? Your cute costume could double as your actual costume for Halloween day! You could have someone snap a pic of each answer to prove they found it if you’re the really competitive!(The milk jug container is perfect to hold the piece of paper so it doesn’t just blow away. You could have a toilet bowl scrubber from the Dollar Store labeled “Bathroom” as your scene of the crime, LOL! Choose any friend’s house who has a person there willing to assist in the game for a few minutes. ) We had this fabulously fun and creepy party just in time for Halloween ~ and now I am passing it onto you. You can easily ask your guests to each bring one item to snack on. Scarlet killed Colonel Mustard in the Conservatory with the candlestick? If you don’t have plans yet to throw together some of your own Halloween fun… If you are like me, you’re the gal who says every year, “I freakin’ want to become a fabulous hostess and throw great parties! Lucky for me, I have a wonderful friend who is a hostess PRO (take a bow, Lid!

Their on-screen friendship continued in real life as Scarlett Johansson and Chris Evans have been close friends for 10 years now.I’m so glad to do another guest blog for Dating Divas! When I saw the board game CLUE at my friend’s house, I decided that would be the perfect theme for a group date.So I picked two couples I thought would get into the party theme and assigned them all Characters.The clue indicates that everyone must knock on the door, which also tells the person in the house that it’s you guys at the door.There are several options: you can have them open the door with a freakishly scary mask and give the answer or let the door slowly swing open to a dark empty entryway, then the person jumps out and scares the group!But a Hollywood Life source claims that the Ghost In A Cell actress wants to move on from her split.