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Your existing site will continue to work just as it did previously.

When you go to make an update with Front Page, you may get an error message indicating that Front Page Extensions are not installed. To make updates, you'll need to change the tool you use to make updates.

Second, the architecture of Front Page Extensions created security problems.

There was no way to have a fully secure web server and also support Front Page the way it wanted to be supported.

Now that the Personal Web has been created, and you have several pages and files in your web, you will use some of the other Front Page Explorer views to help you organize your Front Page web.

You can safely and easily rearrange the pages and files in your Front Page web using the Folders view, a split-screen display of the files in your Front Page web.

This is convenient, because it allows you to make changes to your website from any computer.

From 1995 when Frontpage was first released, until Microsoft announced it will be discontinuing Frontpage in 2006, there have been many changes to the way websites are built.

In this tutorial we will go over some of the popular alternatives to Frontpage.

The Front Page Explorer can help you complete and track these important tasks.

In this lesson, you will learn how to: The Folders View The Hyperlink Status View Spell Checking Replacing Text on Pages The Tasks View Publishing the Personal Web Finishing Lesson 3 In Lesson 1, you learned how to use the Navigation view to create the structure of the Personal Web and how to preview and apply professional-looking graphics using the Themes view.