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But as is often the case, when you must beg for something from a master, you find that they will not grant your request.Three years later, Fet Life has still refused to change their policy and is still censoring rape survivors—unless those survivors use the Predator Alert Tool. It's easy: visit Male Submission or tag your bookmarks as ! Original work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.That’s nearly as bad as police officers, who statistically speaking are also twice as likely to be perpetrators of domestic violence."I am sure there are plenty of places out there more suitable for these types of conversations." One post names a lavatory cubicle at the National Portrait Gallery, a punt in Cambridge and Hadrian's Wall as some of the "weirdest" places people have made love.

Many women and Submissive-identified people within that community, including myself, had been saying this for a long time, but had been routinely ignored.

Pointing out that they have not received any official complaints, she said: “Shock, horror – mothers’ have sex?

I am delighted that they do, and we do not believe that discussions about people’s sex lives are obscene.

Even during the height of these national debates about “the BDSM community’s consent crisis,” the Consent Culture working groups were pitifully meek.

They had collectively decided that “something must be done,” but what they chose to “do” was make a petition calling for the removal of the clause in Fet Life’s Terms of Use that the site’s management was using as justification for censoring rape survivors.