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People dating in the 1980s

You don’t just join – you must be invited based on a strict screening process upon registration to ensure eligible singles with similar lifestyles.

No email sex

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After a bit of soul searching you’ve decided that you’re able enter the world of no strings sex; that you can feel good without feeling bad!

Remember why you are there and don’t change the deal. 3) If you feel a connection and want to keep the option open for your no strings encounter growing wings, drop a hint that you want to meet again to see where it goes; if they take the ball, run with it. Thank them for the compliment but make it clear that you’re just not willing to take it to the next level.

but really, that’s not even necessary; it’s more of a peace of mind measure.

You should probably take her work email address out of your email program’s auto-fill though, since there are all kinds of possibilities for inappropriate emails to be mistakenly addressed otherwise.

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And I arch my back the other way, lean down and kiss you.

Readers are talking about politics, the timing of Petraeus' announcement and possible long-term impact.

But an especially popular theme that keeps coming up is fidelity and faithfulness, to which some readers say they can relate all too well.

1) Enter a no strings encounter with intent; the intent is to feel good and have a good time…NOT to find a spouse. Anything past 2 hits you’re entering friends with benefits territory and well, that never works out! Try to remind yourself the intent of the encounter was mutual gratification not wedding bells. Think of it as a catch and release program and they will just have to swim on. For me the only pure no strings encounters are single act plays!

4) What if you’ve got it all under control and escape the heat of the moment with your plan to move on intact, but wait, they’re into you. If you’ve already got one foot out the door and you don’t see a future with your recent conquest, don’t feel guilt and never feed the drama. Be kind and treat others how you would like to be treated; however, all while making your feelings clear. The next level is a forward to a different play entirely.