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| Operational Policies For your safety and enjoyment at Miami Seaquarium, please carefully read all of the text below.

Is a live, in-the-flesh interaction still required, or does a webcam encounter with someone half a world away count equally?

At the end of the day, sexual infidelity is not so much about the physical sex act - either in the real world or online - it’s about the fact that you are keeping it a secret from your partner, the one person in the world with whom you supposedly share everything.

If you’re looking at pornography and your spouse knows about it and is OK with it, then it’s not a problem. If you’re chatting on Facebook with an old flame from college and your partner knows and doesn’t mind, so be it.

Let’s face it, for many people, especially those of us over thirty, it’s a new and confusing world.

That said, I offer here a simple, straightforward definition of sexual infidelity, developed through more than two decades of work with betrayed spouses and their ultimately remorseful mates.