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Being a same sex single looking for a long-term commitment can be a difficult process of bad dates, flaky people and your friends trying to set you up with their co-workers or cousins because, well, they're the only other gay or lesbian person they know!

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Regarding the minimal effort and time invested, it works quite well, just check out the video links below: This is a handheld Iphone video: And this is a video using this improvised rig: Worth a try, I think, so advance to step one...

You would likely use a bigger one, depending on the weight of your camera.", "top": 0.019370460048426151, "height": 0.30266343825665859, "width": 0.53548387096774197, "id": "NHD6B9QHF23Y5XH", "left": 0.38870967741935486}, ]' src=" width=614" data-orig="" data-large=" LARGE.jpg" data-medium=" MEDIUM.jpg" data-small=" SMALL.jpg" data-orig-height="2048" data-orig-width="3072" data-pin-no-hover="true"/ What you need: video recording device (in this case an Iphone) (optional) fixture to mount that device to a tripod (in this case "the glif", google it if you like) tripod (optional) pliers (or screwdriver, depends on your tripod model) (optional) a pipe or stick that fits your tripod fixture (I used the stick of a broom /mop) duct tape a hammer (or some other weight that fits) (optional, but will improve the effect) glass bottle or jar which fits over the handle of your tripod (and still in your hand) (Optional) Take apart your tripod (don´t worry, it´s reversible)... Unscrew the cap of the center pole and take off the head of the tripod (if possible, if not, advance to step 3).

Roughing costs are two-fold—the long amounts of time it generally takes to remove the material and the costs associated with replacing worn tooling.

Finishing costs include the time it takes to write complex CAM programs with the minute stepovers that the moldmaker hopes will result in mirror finishes, along with the numerous hours it takes to hand polish areas that come off the machine without complying to the user’s surface finish specifications.

The CAMS SMSBack service allows all visitors to obtain publicly available information, or investors to obtain information about their Mutual Fund folio based on SMS messages sent from their REGISTERED mobile phone.

A registered mobile number is one that has Since confidential information about your account is sent to you via the SMSBack service, for your own safety we will only add a mobile number to your account under a written and signed instruction.

Either by intuition or by trial-and-error if you´re not running low on duct tape as I was.

The specific CAM technology improvements that Choice Tool received training in were Opti Rough (a 3-D full flute roughing toolpath based on Mastercam’s Dynamic Milling technology) and the unique advanced Toolpath Refinement algorithm used for making granular changes to finishing toolpaths in order to achieve exceptionally high surface finishes.

However your Mobile Phone operator will charge you for SMS messages sent by you at rates fixed by them for such service. The services currently available are as follows: **Registered Email-ID: To use this service, an email-id must be already registered against the folio.Pascoe invited King to attend a free seminar that would be open to several Prototek customers.DETROIT, MI -- Each and every dealing between Detroit police officers and the public could be caught on camera.The company's one year trial offer includes one Axon Body 2 camera per officer, unlimited data storage, accessories and access to Axon Academy's entire online training library."It has a one year time frame after which you have to return the equipment, no charge. And you get all the evidence back," said Vice President of Strategic Communications Steve Tuttle.Make sure you dont loose the parts if you want to put it back together again.