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Non sedating anti psychotics

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Traditional Antipsychotic Medications: All of the older or traditional antipsychotic medications have the same mechanism of action; they all work by blocking sites in the brain that are usually stimulated by a neurotransmitter called dopamine.

This dopamine blockade accounts for many of the side effects of the medications as well as for their therapeutic action.

(Zyprexa) I don't know any antipsychotic that wouldn't be an antihistamine.

Typical antipsychotics like chlorpromazine and perphenazine are antihistamines, and surprisingly atypical ones like seroquel and risperidone are too.

On wiki it states that Seroquel is a strong antihistamine. how does seroquels antihistamine effect vary from the other common antiphychotics?

I suffer from allergies & am consitering taking a low dose Zyprexa for insomnia regualy & it would be a bonus if it could help with allergies as well. is blocking H1 receptors resposible for the effect of antihistamines?

Higher doses were associated with worse outcomes than lower ones.

These days neuroleptic drugs are widely promoted to treat depression and they are often used “off-label” to treat behavioral problems in children.

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I've had a psychotic disorder and I first used perphenazine and then changed to risperidone.

Activating and sedating adverse effects of antipsychotics can be obstacles to their use.

Antipsychotic drug use in nursing home residents with and without dementia: keep an eye on the pro re nata medication. Antipsychotics are necessary for many older adults to treat major mental illnesses or reduce distressing psychiatric symptoms.

All Topics Biotechnology Biotech Business Biotech Products Cancer Cardiovascular Dermatology Drug Discovery Endocrinology Gastroenterology Immunology Infectious Diseases Mental Health Neurology Obstetrics Orthopedics Public Health Respiratory Rheumatology Urology Track topics on Twitter Track topics that are important to you Schizophrenia, antipsychotics individually increase risk for diabetes Schizophrenia was associated with a significantly increased risk for diabetes, which further increased with use of first- and second-generation antipsychotics. A new study investigates the benefits and side effects of antipsychotic medication for people with schizophrenia and related mental health conditions.

Study provides new insights into side effects of antipsychotics After much deliberation and anxiety, the family finally sought psychiatric help for their son. Medical News Today: Antipsychotics: Do they do more harm than good?