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From 12 p.m./ET to late afternoon, G, PG and PG-13 rated movies, as well as original specials are shown.
And, yes, this is a De Vry University degree, and, no, the credits you currently have will not count if you transfer over to this school. Embrace that and quit holding out hope or, worse, getting back together with someone who is stringing you along.

Northwestern speed dating study

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A Social Relations Model analysis confirmed that individuals prompted consistent positive emotional reactions in others.

This jives with previous research citing an evolutionary basis for women to be more selective of their mates (the reproductive costs for women are greater than for men).In this study, 350 undergraduates were recruited for speed-dating events.In half of the events, the men rotated while the women sat and in the remaining events, it was the women who rotated (a procedure nearly unprecedented in professional heterosexual speed dating events).The present study investigated the following: (i) whether affective presence influences others' romantic interest in a person and (ii) what types of people have positive and negative affective presence.Forty volunteers took part in a speed-dating event, during which they dated six or seven opposite-sex partners.Associations between positive affective presence and trait predictors, including emotion regulation, emotional expressiveness, attachment style, agreeableness and extraversion, were also observed.