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Imagine going to a place where wearing clothing is not required. And while some bodies are more beautiful than others, nudism isn't a beauty contest. There is no simple answer to this question as obviously different people have different reasons for not wanting to experience nudism, just as there are different reasons to try social nudism. We believe that the human body in its natural state cannot be offensive or shameful, that it is essentially wholesome. Nudism isn't any more and quite possibly less sexual than life in general.

A place where families can come together and enjoy a day unlike any other. Just as in the clothed world, there are all kinds of bodies in nudism. you'll learn that while not perfect, your body is as acceptable as all others when you experience social nudism. The answer is to correct misconceptions in most cases. Young children know what adults discovering nudism find out again--that it's fun, free and comfortable. Body acceptance is a powerful concept and a key to self acceptance and the acceptance of others. Nudism is about being nude when practical, not about sex. For the comfort of all, we expect that all members and visitors be nude while in the common recreational areas of the park.

Bennington College One of the more liberal colleges out there, the clothing-optional, erm, option, is “still in the school constitution, though it hasn’t been taken seriously since the ’80s,” says Cora, a freshman at the college. “It’s really not in the culture anymore,” claims Cora.

California Institute of the Arts Nudity is a liberating form of self-expression, so why be bothered to put on clothes?

Our ideals are family based, and family is far more important than being nude at Sunny Haven. Nudity is mandatory at all times in the pool and hottub. I don't think I would be comfortable in a conversation, for example. Just as you don't think about others or yourself being clothed in the clothed world... This area of the country is rich in nudist history and we are within a couple of hours drive to five other nudist or clothing optional parks. If you think about it, while nude we don't expose a lot more than we do when in a bathing suit anyway.

His was a primarily working-class movement, and although opposed to racial prejudice did however advocate eugenics and contributed to the mood of the times in relation to the need to physically regenerate the German people.

German nudists generally were mildly harassed by the Nazis during 1933/4, but by 1933 the Kampfring für völkische Freikörperkultur (Militant Circle for Ethnic Naked Culture) had been established, which acted as a pro-Nazi umbrella body for German nudist groups – and which excluded Jews and most communist nudist groups.

Now let's answer all your questions about what it's like to live in a place where nudity is the norm.

Simply put, nudist communities are places where people live without their clothes.