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Stalkers more often than not will stalk using online tools and by their physical presence as well.

The Internet just makes the life of a stalker or rapist easier.

The first thing that I was keen to get across was that there is one definite factor that causes (mainly) women to be stalked or assaulted by men that they meet online. Blaming victims for being abused is insulting, crass and colludes with the stalker or rapist as we focus on the behaviour of the victim rather than that of the perpetrator.

Over the duration of Ice Block, an area around you grows, but when Ice Block ends, any enemy in that area is stunned and marked.Being exciting and alluring doesn’t mean you have to forgo your personal privacy. However, Tinder is by no means the epitome of online dating. “Traditional” online dating sites are still going strong, this subgroup of websites having lost most of its stigma throughout the noughties.Tinder relies on minimal information, with maximum impact given over to the user image.These include those exploring their sexuality, attempting to escape abusive relationships, or even users that want to ensure their colleagues don’t stumble across their profile.Some online dating services even offer “incognito” style profiles that can only be viewed when there is direct communication between users.The recent poll of a substantial number of online daters (in excess of 2,000) found that 18% of people had lied about their age, 28% of people exaggerated their financial status and 10% had been untruthful about where they lived, which would mean that literally millions of profiles currently online are false and inaccurate.